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Augmented Reality business cards are the future of personal networking. We transform your business card into an interactive multimedia experience. Stand out from the competition with an awesome user experience and increased engagement. Our web-based augmented reality technology allows people to view your AR business card directly from their smartphone without downloading an app.


Image tracking

Business Card is tracked as an image. QR code starts the ar experience in the browser 

No app

No need for app download. It works purely in the browser. The experience starts in seconds

Any device

Works on any phone, tablet or smart glasses. Compatible with all browsers 


Add Interactive videos, social media buttons, website links and 3d models


Full customization and branding of the landing page. Custom domain option 

No monthly costs

One-off payment. Free hosting with unlimited views. No monthly subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AR business card?

An Augmented Reality enabled business card is a business card that displays digital information when viewed through a smartphone's camera. The information is superimposed on top of the business card and it can be anything from images, video, links to website and social media, and 3d models.

How do AR business cards work?

People scan your AR business card with their phone's camera. The QR code opens the phone's web browser to the website that hosts the AR experience. The user can then view and interact with the AR experience. Modern AR cards are web-based and don't require an app download. There are two methods used for recognizing the card: Image tracking and Marker tracking. With image tracking the whole card is tracked. Marker tracking tracks only the marker.

What is the setup process?

You send us the image of your business card and the information you want to be shown in AR. We process the image by adding a QR code and we send it back to you. You then print your new cards.

Can I use this service for other printed materials?

Yes, we can create AR experiences for any printed material like leaflets, menus and others. Get in touch  by submitting your name and email in our contact form.

How much does a AR business card cost?

Augmented reality business cards can be created by hiring a freelancer or agency or by subscribing to a "do it your self" online service. Apart from the cost of creating the AR experience there are costs related to hosting the experience online. Most "AR business card creator" websites charge monthly subscriptions for a limited amount of views. We only charge a one-time fee for the creation of the AR experience. Our hosting service is completely free with ​unlimited views. We host the  experience on the fastest cloud servers. Get in touch with us describing the info you want to show on your ar business card and we will get back to you with the best possible price.


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